11 Excellent Tips For Wool Carpet Care

11 Excellent Tips For Wool Carpet Care

A carpet provides warmth and comfort to every homeowner. It also gives a nice touch to a home’s design. Wool carpets are still a popular choice for many because of its various benefits to our homes. They are easy to clean and are stain-resistant. They become more beautiful with age and last longer than non-wool carpets.

11 Excellent Tips For Wool Carpet CareWith proper care of your wool carpet, you can definitely save money, and it will give you many years of enjoyment and comfort.  Below are 11 simple tips to keep your carpet and area rugs looking great.

  1. Protect your carpet from dark patches by providing door matting that collects dirt, grime and moisture. Before entering the house, always wipe off the dirt from your shoes.
  2. Have a vacuum cleaner suitable for your carpet type.
  3. Regular vacuuming can keep your carpet hygienic and looking good. When vacuuming, make sure to move slowly to properly remove soil and debris. Empty your dust bag to ensure good performance of your vacuum.
  4. A great prevention tip for carpet stains is to act quickly when spills occur. Immediately clean the carpet using the correct cleaning agent. When removing stains, do not rub or scrub as it will damage the fibres of your carpet.
  5. Protect your wool carpet from wear and tear when moving heavy furniture by using roller pads.
  6. Preserve the colour of the carpet by avoiding direct sunlight. Close your windows or blinds to avoid letting direct sunlight in the carpeted areas.
  7. A routine professional carpet clean extends the life and preserves the beauty and value of your carpet. Hire a skilled carpet cleaner who can formulate the best solution for your carpet cleaning needs.

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CC Image Courtesy of McKay Savage on Flickr