11 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

11 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

For moving day to become less of a hassle for you, there are basic things you need to know before that day comes. Preparing yourself is one thing, but there are a lot of other factors that you must consider.

11 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

  1. Early preparation is a must

If you’re going to move out, you should start preparing now. Moving consumes a lot of time, and you will be surprised at how much stuff you actually have once you start packing. Your drawers and wardrobes need to be cleared so make sure you allow yourself a lot of time to pack.

  1. De-clutter your house early

When you’re preparing for a move, you need to start removing all of the clutter you have at home. Countertops and closets have to be cleaned out. Start taking out the mess, so it doesn’t overwhelm you as moving day draws near.

  1. Keep or dispose?

While you are de-cluttering your home, sort out things that you want to keep and what you need to dispose, sell, or donate.

  1. Your boxes need to be of different sizes.

Have different sizes of boxes for your stuff because you might need to have a bigger box for one area at home and a smaller one for another area. You can also ask for free boxes from grocery stores so you won’t have to buy. Boxes need to be packed well so buy scissors, permanent markers, and packing tape to seal them well and indicate what’s inside.

  1. Moving blankets

You need to have this for covering furniture while they are inside the moving truck. It will protect them from getting scratched and can also be used for mirrors, TVs, and paintings.

  1. Have a checklist

Make a list of everything you have to pack and the tasks you should do in preparing to move. This will help you monitor and take note of the things that you already packed or have done.

  1. Check for storage units because you might need them

It can be hard to move all your belongings from your place to the new one. You need to check out how much storage units cost and compare their prices.

  1. The utilities in the new place have to be switched on

This will keep you from having to live in the dark when you first move in so make sure you check the utilities.

  1. Have your own floorplan

Draw a sketch of the layout you have in mind. Show this to the movers and tell them where you want things to be placed.

  1. Carpet protection tapes

Protect your carpets when you move out by getting carpet protection tapes. Removing shoes can help, but you always need to give your carpet extra protection.

  1. Hire professionals

Aside from asking your friends and relatives to help you out when moving, you should hire professionals when you have nice furniture and valuables that need to be handled with extra care. You might have to pay a little more, but it will be worth it. Also, don’t forget to schedule that bond clean to thoroughly clean up your property. Have the carpet cleaned as well.  If you have pets, pest control is also a must before you turn over the property to your landlord.

Keep these 11 tips in mind and you’ll be prepared and confident on the day of your move.