14 Moving Tasks You Should Not Forget

14 Moving Tasks You Should Not Forget

No matter how organised your thoughts and how much you feel like an expert, there is still a chance that you will forget some important things that are essential for moving. Making sure that everything runs smoothly on moving day is important because you cannot afford any delays or inconveniences. Remember to get professional services, like bond cleaning for your property and a removalist for the moving day.

Here’s our list of moving tips and tasks to remember, which applies to both first-time movers and those who have done it before:

14 Moving Tasks You Should Not Forget

4 weeks to go before moving

  1. Whether you are moving overseas or to another state, take your medical, vet, school, and dental records with you.
  2. The mail service should also be informed of your new address so that the new owner of your former home will not get any of your mail or subscriptions letters.

3 weeks to go before moving

  1. Start packing all of your things. You don’t want to be packing on moving day because this is a time when you don’t want to cram.
  2. If there is still oil on your mechanical tools, start draining them so that they will not spill on any of your other stuff.
  3. You should also look inside your freezer for anything that you need to consume before moving day to avoid taking expired goods with you.

2 weeks to go before moving

  1. If you borrowed anything from someone, make sure to return them so that you will not have to think about them when you’re already in your new residence.
  2. Call the service providers about disconnecting and reconnecting their services once you are already at your new place because you will need electricity and other utilities right away.
  3. You should also tell the local services that you will be cancelling their services starting moving day.
  4. Your home and insurance should be updated by this time to ensure your coverage on moving day.
  5. In case you live in a building, you can book the elevator for the day of your move so no one else will use it while you are bringing your things down.

1 week to go before moving

  1. You should make a kit for moving day where there are bank cards, first aid kits, spare clothing, prescription medicine, keys, IDs, and other things you will need immediately on moving day.
  2. Your refrigerator should be defrosted the day before your move. Make sure to clean it.

For moving day

  1. Turn off all power and do not forget to take a photo of the final readings to avoid any wrong charges.
  2. Be considerate to the next person or people who will be living in your new place. Make sure not to leave anything that would cause a problem.

Do not forget any of these moving tips so that your moving day will be efficient and hassle-free.


CC Image Courtesy of Mufidah Kassalias on Flickr