3 Key Benefits of Making Use Of A Rug Pad

3 Key Benefits of Making Use Of A Rug Pad

A rug pad is vital for keeping the quality of your precious rugs good. Rugs, particularly fine rugs, don’t come cheap, and when they’re placed on a hard surface without a rug pad, there’s a tendency for premature wear and tear. Choosing a rug pad wisely also involves knowing the proper kind and thickness that is appropriate for the rug that you have. These are the main reasons rug pads can prolong the lifespan of your rug:

3 Key Benefits of Making Use Of A Rug Pad

  1. Rug pads keep your rug flat and even on the floor.

When you put a rug on top of a surface, it is necessary to put a rug pad under so that it will not end up wrinkled, or bulging. A rug pad will also prevent your rug from moving and sliding so that it will not lead to accidents or damage the rug.

  1. These pads protect the rug from pressure.

A rug pad protects the fibres of the rug against the hard surface of the floor. The pad will be able to help shield the rug against different types of pressure which include heavy furniture, sharp furniture legs, and foot traffic. However, you need to select the right thickness for your rug because too much cushion can also cause damage. Most cleaning companies have trained technicians who can recommend the proper rug pad for you.

  1. Rug pads safeguard the floor against damage from the rug.

Having a rug pad also protects the floor from the rug because it will keep the dye of the rug from penetrating the floor. Without the pad, there is a chance that the rug’s dyes will transfer to the floor. There are also types of rugs that are made with hard and rough fibres which have the tendency to graze the floor.

Spending on a rug pad to make your rugs last longer is always a good decision. Neglecting the things that need to be done such as investing in a rug pad and getting professional rug cleaning will only make you spend more in the long run. Replacing a rug is more expensive than getting a rug pad.

In case you don’t know which type of rug pad to buy, you can always ask help from professionals so that they can give a recommendation on what to get. For any other rug-related concerns and rug cleaning needs, call Bond Cleaning Australia.


CC Image Courtesy of CG Hughes on Flickr