3 Reasons Carpet Stains Resurface Even After Cleaning

3 Reasons Carpet Stains Resurface Even After Cleaning

It’s time to have your carpet cleaned again, so you set an appointment with the company that usually cleans your carpet every year. They arrive at your house and perform the same carpet cleaning process they always do, but this time, you notice that the stains started to appear again once the carpet dried. This may puzzle you, but there are reasons why this happens.

3 Reasons Carpet Stains Resurface Even After Cleaning

Here are the reasons behind carpet stains resurfacing and how they can be solved:

  1. The stain is deeper than you thought

You might have thought that the stain on your carpet is simple, and it’s just like any other stain you’ve encountered before, but this time it resurfaces after the cleaning. This happens because the technicians perform the cleaning but fail to check the padding if the stain has penetrated it, too. If the technician checked the padding, they would’ve seen the stain that’s hidden under and treated it. This is important because there are stains that are heavier than others. Pet accidents, for example, cause stains that are tough to remove because the stain that’s in the padding will rise after the carpet has dried.

  1. Too much moisture left

When there is too much moisture left especially in the carpet padding, it will resurface after the cleaning process. It’s also not good if someone steps on the carpet with dirty shoes because the dirt will mix with the moisture that’s existing in the carpet. The moisture will cause the padding to get soaked and attract more dirt and stains.

  1. Cleaning solution that was not rinsed well

When your carpet gets stained, you usually go to the store and purchase a carpet stain remover which is fine. All you need to do is follow the instructions on how to apply it on the carpet stain. The problem comes in when people fail to rinse the cleaning solution properly from the carpet. If it was removed only by using a cleaning cloth or something less efficient, the sticky residue that is present in the carpet will attract a lot of dirt, and the stain will just appear again.

  • How you can get rid of it

You always need to remove the stain as quickly as possible. Rinse the dirt from the carpet properly and use a clean cloth to remove it completely. Make sure that the solution you use is completely removed from the carpet, so it will not leave any residue that will attract more dirt.

Choose a good carpet cleaning company that will check your carpet thoroughly for any stain they might have missed. Contact Bond Cleaning Australia if you want to get the best service.