3 Simple Methods To Deodorise Carpets

3 Simple Methods To Deodorise Carpets

Aside from giving your home an attractive appearance, your carpet serves as a filter for dirt and debris.  Without proper carpet cleaning, product residue and dirt buildup can produce an awful and strange smell on your carpet. Pet stains are also a major contributor in developing carpet odour.  We all know that treating pet stains can be a daunting task. Without proper cleaning techniques, it will result to a foul smell lingering on your carpet surface.

There are ways to solve this problem, using carpet cleaners and deodorising products. Deodorising products deliver great results making your carpet smell fresh and clean. They are specially formulated to deal with tough odours like those from mould formation and from smoking in the room.

3 Simple Methods To Deodorise Carpets

  1. Masking Odours

Masking agents have been around for a while now and these are available in your local supermarket. They come in a wide array of scents to make your carpet smell clean and hide the awful smell on your carpet.  However, applying masking agents does not entirely remove the germs which caused the odour. These products may also leave a sticky residue when overused and can cause damage if untreated in the long run.

  1. Odour solution using Biocides

Biocides are another important element included in all carpet cleaning processes.  This is an active ingredient to kill the odour-causing bacteria that is seeping into your carpet fibres. It’s common for professional carpet cleaners to use this as its very effective in odour removal.

  1. Regular Cleaning

There are plenty of ways to prevent odour development in your home including the most basic way which is keeping your house and carpet clean. Have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every year to ensure healthy air quality in your home. Bond Cleaning Australia is equipped with the proper training and cleaning techniques for carpet odours and stain removal.


CC Image Courtesy of Meredith Leigh Collins on Flickr