3 Steps To Choosing Your Ideal Removalist

3 Steps To Choosing Your Ideal Removalist

Moving house can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. When you are planning to move, either down the street, into a different town, or across the state, choosing the right removalist can make a lot of difference in your moving process.

To help you through the moving process with ease, here are our best moving tips for helping you choose your removalist.

3 Steps To Choosing Your Ideal Removalist

  1. Do a little homework

Ask for recommendations from your friends, co-workers and neighbours. Great feedback from personal experience will help you decide who to put your trust in.  Your valuable items are a big investment, so it’s important to look for a removalist who can do the job right.

Search for a removal company near your home through the internet. Most removalists are now online for you to check their services offered and contact information. You can also look in your phone book for offices near your place. Request for an on-site visit so the removalist can give you details and estimation of costs.

  1. Get moving Insurance

Hiring professionals will ensure that your items are delivered in one piece. A removalist will treat every item with proper care to avoid breakage. This includes wrapping them in bubble wrap and packing them safely at the back of the truck.

During the move, unfortunate events can happen and may break some of your beloved belongings. Save yourself a headache and put your mind at rest by choosing a removalist with a moving insurance policy. Carefully review the details of their policy and make sure that the company is dedicated against loss and breakage.

  1. Final Checking

When you finally have your choice of a removal company, it’s important to plan ahead and pre-pack to save time. Before your big move, it doesn’t hurt to call and confirm your booking the day before.


CC Image Courtesy of Matthew W. Jackson on Flickr