3 Ways to Properly Pack Dishes When Moving Out

3 Ways to Properly Pack Dishes When Moving

The day of your move will come soon. There are only a few weeks left to pack all your stuff so that nothing will be left. One of the biggest concerns when packing is the dishes because they can break if you do not provide proper care and cushioning while they’re being transported. You don’t want to open a box and see all of your dishes shattered. They may have different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to packing breakable dishes, the methods are all the same.

3 Ways to Properly Pack Dishes When MovingHere are 3 easy ways to properly pack dishes:

  1. Pouches can serve as cushions

If you have a pouch with a cushion, you can easily slide the dish inside the pouch. A pack of pouches contains 10 pieces which means that they are good for 10 dishes. If you need more, just buy more packs of pouches. Depending on the size of your dishes, cushion pouches can also be bought in different shapes and sizes so you will always find something for any of your dishes.

  1. Paper for packing

Paper can also be used for packing dishes to keep them safe from breaking. Take a sheet of paper and cut it up according to the size of your dishes. You can create layers of packing paper to give more protection for your plates. Place the dish in the centre, fold the sides and use tape to seal it. This will prevent the paper from coming off the plates while being transported. The number of layers will depend on you and how much packing paper you have. The more layers you put, the more protection you will be able to provide your dishes. It can be quite annoying to run short on packing paper while you are in the middle of packing so make sure that you buy enough.

  1. Get a saver kit for dishes

After you have wrapped the dishes with pouch and packing paper, you can now put them inside a dish saver kit. The kit contains 5 cells to protect and isolate your dishes from each other. The proper way to pack your dishes is to put them one by one in the cells. The dividers will prevent the dishes from getting cramped inside and in case there are still spaces after you have placed all of your dishes inside, just insert pieces of paper to keep the dishes from moving for a lesser chance of breaking. The plates need to be kept from moving around while inside the truck so they won’t easily get broken.

These are the easiest ways to pack your dishes safely and securely. Moving out can be stressful, but with these ideas, you will not have to worry about your dishes. You can also use other types of cushioning, but make sure that it will be enough to protect your dishes from breaking.


CC Image courtesy of Daniel Rossi on Flickr