4 Basics of Removing Pet Stains and Odour

4 Basics of Removing Pet Stains and Odour

No matter how much they love their pets, homeowners still have to deal with pet accidents. Even your house trained dog can have accidents sometimes. This can affect your carpet’s appearance as well as your health. A carpet stain is unattractive and if ignored will damage the fibre over time.

Pet odour and stain removal can be frustrating if you don’t have the right products and knowledge to handle them.  As a pet owner, what you can do to treat pet stains depends on the tools you have at home. Most common cleaning supplies that you should keep are white vinegar, baking soda, mild detergent, clean cloths, and paper towels.

4 Basics of Removing Pet Stains and Odour

  1. Finding the soiled area

Inspect your carpet and determine the affected area. When pet odour continues to linger on your carpet, your pet tends to do his business on it, repeatedly soiling your carpet fibres.

It’s easier to find new pet stains, but older stains can be difficult to locate. Use your nose to sniff out and find areas that are possibly soiled. An effective tool to spot stains is a black light which you can purchase at home supplies stores.

  1. Cleaning up the area

Clean up pet accidents as soon as they occur. The longer you let the stain sit on your carpet, the harder it is to remove it. You need to clean it up properly to avoid your pet peeing on the same spot again. There are different ways of removing stains. You need patience and work to fully clean the affected area.

  1. Removing Fresh Stains

Get a paper towel or terry cloths to soak up as much as urine as possible. Cover the wet spot with paper towels to absorb the liquid out of the carpet. Repeat the process until the area dries out.  Rinse the affected area with water thoroughly. After rinsing, remove the excess water and let the stained area dry completely.

If the area is properly cleaned, this can also remove pet odours that came along with the stain.

  1. Removing Tough Stains

Older stains need a little more work and most times need professional cleaning.  For the pet stain to be fully removed, Bond Cleaning Australia has effective cleaning methods. Our skilled technicians specialise in pet odour and stain removal.


CC Image Courtesy of charlene mcbride on Flickr