4 Easy Ideas To Moving House on a Budget

4 Easy Ideas To Moving House on a Budget

Many people believe that moving to a new house comes with a high budget. Even though you’ve been planning your move for a long time, the amount of money spent on buying or renting a new home can be quite expensive. From minor repairs and decor to security deposits and the cost of the mover’s service, it’s enough to suck your wallet dry.

Before you move into your new home, it’s important to learn how you can reach your goal without all the extra costs. We’ve put together four moving tips on how to move without breaking your budget, read on!

4 Easy Ideas To Moving House on a Budget

Pack your things strategically

Proper and strategic planning can help you save extra money. Handle the packing yourself even though it requires more time and effort. It’s likely impossible to pack in just one day, so do yourself a favour. Avoid unnecessary stress and save money by packing your stuff early on. Give yourself a couple of weeks to a month, in order to prepare and slowly pack your things.

Organize the things you are planning to take with you

Before your move, determine which of your belongings need to be thrown away, sold or donated.  You can have a garage sale and get rid of things you don’t need anymore.  Do something good and be generous by donating to charity clothes, books or any household things that may be useful.

Take advantage of free boxes 

You can actually save by taking advantage of free boxes. Most stores at the supermarket and local mall have a large amount of boxes that they just discard. Politely ask the store if they have boxes that they are willing to give you.

Watch out for tax deductions

Always save your receipts for tax deductions. Learn the restrictions and details on which costs you can deduct.


CC Image Courtesy of Sheila Sund on Flickr