4 Easy Tips For Removing Stubborn Carpet Dents

4 Easy Tips For Removing Stubborn Carpet Dents

Your home is starting to look old so you decided to give it a fresh look by rearranging your furniture. However, as you moved a big piece of your furniture, small dents appeared on the carpet. These blemishes on your carpet can be removed or sometimes they go away on their own, but it depends on the severity. If the dent is quite bad, it might take a long time to disappear or even become permanent.

4 Easy Tips For Removing Stubborn Carpet Dents  Before you decide to put the furniture back in its place, read on to learn a few simple carpet repair techniques to get your carpet’s surface back to its excellent form. You’ll be surprised at how some household items become handy in this situation.

1.  Ice cubes

Place an ice cube or two on the dent until the cube melts. Blot up the liquid with a sponge or absorbent cloth then gently lift up the fibres with a spoon or a coin. Repeat the process if it doesn’t work the first time.

2.  The heat from a steam iron

If the ice doesn’t work after a couple of attempts, try the steam iron technique. Take your steam iron out and get a clean cloth. Lay the cloth over the dent and gently apply your iron’s heat on it.  The cloth between the iron and carpet is important to prevent damage to the fibres.  Then, gently lift the fibres with a spoon or fork.

3.  Damp towel plus iron is a perfect combo

If the steam iron technique isn’t working, try this. Moisten a clean towel and lay it on the dent. Set the steam iron to medium heat and iron the towel for a minute. Remember, you should not let the iron touch the carpet as it will damage the fibres. After you iron the damp towel, leave the towel over the dent until dry. Use your vacuum to gently lift up the fibres to its full height.

4.  Blow dryers aren’t just for hair

Spray a little amount of water onto the dent and use a blow dryer. Use a utensil or anything that you can use to lift up the fibre as you blow dry.

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CC Image Courtesy of Paragon Apartments on Flickr