4 Great Tips For Cleaning Out Clutter

4 Great Tips For Cleaning Out Clutter

Moving into a new place can be a pain especially if you have a load of clutter in your house.  A cluttered space can add to a person’s stress level. When moving to a new home, grab that opportunity to discard unnecessary things and keep your stuff organised.

Here are some of our favourite moving tips to clean out the clutter and make your home organised for a stress-free life.

4 Great Tips For Cleaning Out Clutter

  1. Clothes and Bags

Do a good deed by donating to charity or to people who might need the clothes and bags you don’t need. You might be hesitant at first on giving away your personal stuff, especially if that small black dress reminds you of some great memories. But do you see yourself using it in the future? If you don’t know if you can still use it, the best thing to do is to get rid of the item. Another way to cut the clutter from your cabinet is to have a garage sale. Clothes can also get out of style, so keep the ones that you think you can recycle every season and either donate or sell those you will not use anymore. When donating bags, make sure they are not damaged, or you can at least have them repaired.

  1. Computer and other Electronic Devices

When you’re buying a new computer or other electronic devices, you might be having trouble finding a place them for them in your home. Instead of collecting old though still functional electronics, it’s best to donate them to those who might need them more. Look out for vintage collectors that might want to buy your old device. If broken, make sure to recycle and dispose of them properly.

  1. Toys

Your children outgrow their toys in time. Bring fun to less fortunate kids by giving those toys away. Make sure that these toys are safe, clean and in good condition. There are also collectible toys that can be worth a fortune, especially if they are rare ones. So keep an eye out and sell them for a nice price.

  1. Books

Even in this day and age, many people still prefer to read paperback books. There are many book readers who will gladly rent or buy used books instead of buying new ones. You can also donate academic books and art books to the local library, school or college.

Letting go of some of your old items doesn’t just cut the clutter at home, it is also liberating and good for your soul.


CC Image Courtesy of spykster on Flickr