4 Most Frequently Damaged Items During a Move

4 Most Frequently Damaged Items During a Move

Your bags are all packed; you’re waiting for the movers to arrive to pick up your things and move it to your beautiful new home. But did you pack your fragile items carefully and smartly?

Many homeowners have made mistakes in packing their items and ended up with broken pieces of important household items when they opened the box. Here’s a list of some of the most frequently damaged items during a move and ways to protect them.

4 Most Frequently Damaged Items During a Move

  1. Your expensive glassware and china

These are the most common fragile items that end up into hundreds of pieces if not packed properly. Other breakable items include mirrors, figurines and pottery.  Avoid the nightmare and follow these moving tips to keep them intact during the moving process.

  • Wrap the items separately to ensure protection.
  • Provide extra padding using cloth, sheets or rags to prevent movement inside the boxes.
  • Secure the box with plenty of packing tape to prevent accidental opening or tearing.
  • Label each container with “Fragile” and “This way Up” so the movers know that it should be moved and lifted with care.
  1. Your favourite pieces of art

Whether they are framed canvases, statues or other valuable art collections, they will need to be packed carefully to prevent damage. These pieces are highly expensive and difficult to move. If you have a huge art collection, consider hiring a transport company that specialises in this process.

Movers provide customer containers and materials designed for framed art that avoid movement during the move. Don’t forget to mark “Fragile” and “Art” on their containers so the movers will handle them with care.

  1. Your furniture

Furniture often comes in different sizes and shapes that make them prone to damage during transfer. When you own valuable furniture, it’s important to follow these moving tips.

  • Remove the parts that can be detached and pack them separately
  • Use moving blankets and furniture pads to protect your furniture and your flooring
  • Hire a professional or get help from friends to help you move your furniture without any harm

If you prefer a more modern and upgraded home, sell your used furniture instead.

  1. Electronic appliances and equipment

These items are expensive investments and can be very sensitive as well. Make sure to pack them in their original packing. Provide extra layers of padding and packing tape to avoid shaking during the move.


CC Image Courtesy of Bosc d’Anjou on Flickr