4 Reasons Nursery Carpet Cleaning Is Important

4 Reasons Nursery Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Preparations for a new member of the family often include cleaning, painting, renovating and also carpeting. Carpets in nursery rooms are the best choice for many couples not just because of its attractive appearance, but also the comfort and warmth it brings to your baby. The carpet is a wonderfully soft place to let your baby crawl. It provides extra comfort and less pressure on their gentle joints and feet and protects them from sore bums. But how safe is your baby with the carpet in your nursery?

4 Reasons Nursery Carpet Cleaning Is ImportantIt’s important to keep your home clean, especially your nursery carpet where your baby rolls around and plays. Carpet fibres act like a sponge that absorb toxins and allergens which can pose a great risk to your children. Here are the top reasons nursery carpet cleaning is important.


  1. Eliminates Dust

The carpet absorbs everyday dust that gets inside your house and falls on the floor. Dust does not only damage your carpet fibres but causes allergies in your family and children.

  1. Removes Dirt

Even you have a shoes-off policy at home, dirt can find its way through your shoes, clothing, your pet and pretty much everything that you bring inside the house. Dirt can be rubbed across the carpet carrying germs and bacteria into your home.

  1. Eradicates Mould and Bacteria

Accidents happen especially when you have a baby and small children at home. Their spilt milk, food spills and other baby messes can develop mould and bacteria when not cleaned properly.

  1. Gets Rid of Pet Dander, Hair and Urine

If you’re living with pets, their hair and dander can accumulate on your carpet fibres, causing allergens that affect your indoor air quality.  Bacteria thrive in carpets containing urine, which can be hazardous to your family’s health.

It’s essential to keep your carpeting at home clean for a healthy living environment for your loved ones. Follow these basic tips to keep your nursery floor safer and healthier for your baby.

  • Fight against the dust, dust mites and dirt through frequent vacuuming.
  • Consider placing doormats at all house entrances to limit the dirt coming into your house.
  • Take your shoes off when entering the house.
  • Immediately clean spills to prevent staining.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned to ensure that the carpet stays clean and sanitised.

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