4 Simple Steps To Removing Oil Carpet Stains

4 Simple Steps To Removing Oil Carpet Stains

This is a type of stain that’s tough to remove because water and oil can’t be mixed making it more challenging to clean. Whether it’s baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil or any other type of vegetable oil, cleaning up the spill quickly is a must, or it will damage your carpet. It’s difficult to deal with this problem, but with the right stain removal method, you can still restore your carpet.

4 Simple Steps To Removing Oil Carpet Stains

Oil Carpet Stain Removal Steps:

  1. You should get rid of the spill right away. Do not allow it to set. Get paper towels immediately and use them to absorb the spill. Remove any excess oil so that your main focus later on will be on the stain that’s left.
  1. You can now put isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth to use for blotting the stain. The use of alcohol will break down the spill. Blotting the area will transfer the stain onto the cloth. Avoid rubbing the spill because that will only make it spread.
  1. Once you have blotted the spill, you can now use a cleaning solution. Create your own from a mixture of a teaspoon of bleach-free dish detergent and a quart of water. Apply this to the stain and wait 3 to 5 minutes before blotting again. You need to be patient because you have to do this several times before you are able to completely get rid of the stain.
  1. The last thing to do is to rinse by applying clean water on the area where the stain was to get rid of any cleaning solution that is still on your carpet. Use clean rags to blot some more and dry the area.

An oil spill on your carpet can happen anytime, and you need to be prepared when it does. Getting rid of oil spills can be tough, but if you follow these steps, you will be able to remove these carpet stains completely without any problem. For more stubborn stains, contact Bond Cleaning Australia. Our highly skilled and certified technicians provide exceptional carpet cleaning and stain removal services.


CC Image Courtesy of Cottonseed Oil on Flickr