4 Tips To Prevent Carpet Stains When You Have Kids

Having kids around can brighten up the whole atmosphere of every family’s home. They play A LOT, a big part of what really makes a home, a home. You can’t argue with the fact that these little tykes are the ones that bring more life and happiness into your household. However, the amount of joy they bring into your homes is equal to the amount of mess they make almost everywhere they go. And, of course, having a carpet or several carpets around the house, can only make the situation much worse – not to mention quite tiring and frustrating. But you can’t blame children for making a mess. That’s what they do, and they certainly love doing it. To make life easier for you and your carpet, we’re giving you tips to keep your carpet from being stained with dirt and grime by your beloved kids:

4 Tips To Prevent Carpet Stains When You Have Kids

  1. No shoes inside the house. Most of the time, kids tend to keep their shoes on inside the house even after they’ve been outside with them. And we all know that accumulated dirt and grime underneath your shoes is never a good thing for your carpet. So make sure to tell your kids to always remove their shoes every time they get inside the house. Get a shoe rack and place it near your doorstep with a note reminding them to take their shoes off first before going in. You can also get some of those fuzzy animal slippers that they can wear inside the house, which can even help remind them about your no-shoes-inside rule.
  1. Set a dining area. Let’s face it, the most common reason your kids can almost certainly ruin your carpet is that they eat anywhere in the house. So, the best way for you to avoid this is to make a rule that limits your kids from eating wherever they like. Especially when it is time for lunch or dinner, make sure to only allow them to eat at the dining table.
  1. Have a playroom. If you already have one inside the house, then that’s perfect. But if you don’t, you don’t really need to add a new room for this – it could just be a small part of your garage or your basement. Just find a space where the kids can play their hearts out away from your carpets.
  1. Kid Alarm! Have your kids get into the habit of notifying you immediately when they accidentally stain your carpet. By acting quickly, you can remove the stain easily and cause no further damage to your carpet.

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CC Image Courtesy of Stuart Richards on Flickr