4 Types Of Floorings You Can Get for Your Basement

4 Types Of Floorings You Can Get for Your Basement

The basement is usually considered a place for storage. It’s not a place where people usually spend their leisure time or bring guests. But if you decide to utilize your basement and turn it into something more, there are types of floorings you can choose from to give more life to this room.

4 Types Of Floorings You Can Get for Your Basement


What’s good about using a porcelain tile floor is its ability to decrease flooding and seepage problems, and it’s not prone to damage. They’re also easier to maintain compared to other flooring types. The drawback to porcelain tiles is that they cost a lot more than other flooring types. They are also hard to replace. For more warmth, comfort, and softness, you can always put a rug on top of the tiles. Make sure you get protectant products to protect the tile against cracking and stains.


One of the most common reasons to replace flooring is damage caused by flooding and water. Fortunately, vinyl flooring is easy to replace. Vinyl flooring is often recommended for houses located in areas that frequently have floods. This type of flooring can also be made to look like real wood or stone.  Cost-wise, vinyl is not as expensive as porcelain tile.


This is a natural type of flooring that green living enthusiasts can go for. Cork flooring has the ability to keep sound low. It’s softer and more comfortable than tiles. It is also easy to install, and resistant to moisture and germs.


The most popular choice for basement floors in terms of comfort and price is still carpet. Most people who want to add value and comfort to their basement will have wall to wall carpeting installed. Nylon carpets add a homey feel to the basement because of their thickness. Carpets are also able to add more insulation and softness compared to other types of flooring.

Choose between these types of floorings to make your basement look better and more conducive to spend time in. And if you’re leaning toward carpets for your basement, don’t neglect to get professional carpet cleaning to maintain your carpet. Contact the carpet cleaning experts at Bond Cleaning Australia for all your carpet care needs.

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