5 Clever Things To Do Before Moving

5 Clever Things To Do Before Moving

Moving into a new place implies a fresh start. Perhaps it’s one of the biggest decisions you made when you signed that paper and finally moved into a new house. Moving to an unfamiliar place can be exciting but without proper work and organizing, it can also be stressful from all the packing and preparation. We’ve selected some of our favourite moving tips for a smooth and easy move.

5 Clever Things To Do Before Moving

  1. Pack your things smartly

Packing your stuff can be difficult if you don’t follow a plan or strategy. Give yourself a week or a month before your moving day to slowly put away the things you need to take with you. Before you move, it’s also important to organise which items you will likely throw out, keep or donate.

In packing special items like electronic devices and fragile objects, make sure you pack them safely to avoid breakage.  Also, it’s important to keep track of the valuable items you have. Keep your important documents in a safe place where you can easily find them.

  1. Request for transfer prescriptions

If you’re using prescribed medication, request your doctor to set the prescription at a drugstore in your new town. You don’t want to go through all the hassle and process this only when you have arrived in your new house.

  1. Attach a tag to your furniture indicating where to place it

If you think you can’t handle moving furniture and appliances, you can rely on moving services to help you move your belongings to your new home. Create a floor plan of your new house and place a tag on each piece of furniture, specifying where you want to place it. This way you won’t have to do much lifting when the movers are gone.

  1. Update your address.

Another important step before moving is to change your old address. Let your school, company, post office, family and friends be aware of your new address.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Moving can sometimes be difficult, but it does not need to be. These moving tips can help you prepare. Always plan ahead and don’t let anxiety take over! Good quality time with friends and family will keep you focused on your goals.


CC Image Courtesy of Cyril Caton on Flickr