5 Common Things That Make Carpets Wear Out

5 Common Things That Make Carpets Wear Out

When you first bought your carpet, you were likely envisioning your family and yourself enjoying its beauty and comfort for many years. Why not? Carpets can last long, but only with proper care and maintenance.

Maintaining your carpet can be a formidable task, though; who really wants to clean up after a full tiring week at work? But trust me, you still need to get up and do some cleaning; otherwise, you’ll end up living in an unhealthy environment, and worse your carpet might wear out sooner than you think. Here are the most common reasons carpets wear out.

5 Common Things That Make Carpets Wear Out

  1. High Traffic

High traffic areas such as hallways or entryways are prone to premature carpet wear. Your family members regularly walk on that same area in the house. Your guests and friends walk in and out of your house tracking in dirt on your carpet which can be difficult to remove if not cleaned right away. To protect your carpet from wear and tear, ask everyone to remove their outdoor shoes upon entering.

  1. Dirt

Dirt can be brought inside the house, whether from the mud sticking on the soles of boots or even on your pet’s feet. Aside from your shoes-off policy, place a mat at the door entrance. This will limit the chance of dirt getting inside the house.

  1. Spills

If you don’t act quickly when spills happen, chances are the liquid will seep down deeper into the fibres causing damage to your carpet. When a spill occurs, immediately blot it with a dry white towel or paper towels.

  1. Not Vacuuming Regularly

Vacuuming is a vital part of carpet maintenance. Dirt build-up can cause damage to your fibres and may pose risks to your health. Make sure to check your vacuum cleaner, too. Empty the bags so it can suck up the dirt effectively.

  1. Missed Annual Professional Carpet Cleaning

A standard routine of carpet cleaning is different from professional cleaning. Professionals are specially trained to for all your carpet cleaning and stain removal needs. Call Bond Cleaning Australia to ensure your carpet continues to look fresh and clean.


CC Image Courtesy of Jacob Davies on Flickr