5 Important Things To Do When Moving House

5 Important Things to do When Moving House

So you are about to embark to one of the wonderful journeys in life- moving into a new house. A feeling of excitement and anxiety rushes in. This is it! You’re finally moving to a fresh start. But to tell you the truth, moving, no matter how exciting it can be, is also stressful.

Beat the stress and have a worry-free move with the five important moving tips we have for you.

5 Important Things to do When Moving House

  1. Check with your utility suppliers

Without electricity, gas and water when you move in, you will not enjoy the comfort of your newly bought or rented beautiful home. Make sure to check with your utility suppliers and have your services connected on schedule.

  1. Change your address

Changing your address is an important step when moving house. Make sure to inform your child’s school, your company, utility suppliers, post office and banks of your new address.  Your family and friends should be aware of your new address, too.

  1. Pack smartly

Identify the items that you need and will be useful for you in the future. Organise the things that you need to toss out, donate or sell. After packing your things in designated boxes, make sure to label them with the room they belong in. If you have time, make an inventory list of each box. This way it will be easier for you when you start unpacking your stuff.

  1. Don’t forget about your kids and your furry friend

Moving can also be stressful to your kids and pets. Make sure you’ve discussed your move with your children. Ask your family or friends to watch over them while you’re busy packing things up.

  1. Check with your insurance company

Even with professional movers, damage during your move is sometimes unavoidable.  Explore your insurance and make sure your policy covers your move.