5 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

5 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is never an easy task. It usually comes with careful planning and organizing to pull it off with success.  However, when moving houses, many people still make mistakes that they could have easily avoided.

We’ve put together a moving tips list of major moving mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

5 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Choosing DIY over hiring professional help

Many people choose the DIY move route because they believe they have enough hands and energy to do everything on their own. They think they can get their friends and family to help them with the moving job. Plus, it’s much less expensive than hiring professional movers. This is not impossible to achieve if you have reliable people.  However, keep in mind that moving may require heavy lifting which your friends may not be capable of and are untrained to do. There is also a risk of damage to your belongings due to inefficiency and inexperience with the job.

Cutting costs can also put you on the brink of disaster. If you opt to hire the “man with a van”, then it’s most likely you get what you paid for. Choose a reputable removalist company that can provide top quality service to give you peace of mind.

  1. Procrastinating instead of planning ahead

Moving house is the most stressful household chore ever. Save yourself from a huge headache and start planning as early as possible. You should start looking for a removalist company and get estimation quotes. Document important notes and keep moving-related information in a binder.

  1. Not packing properly and smartly

Packing up all the things, even the unnecessary items will cost you a small fortune.  Remember, extra weight means extra cost for the movers. Do yourself a favour and de-clutter once and for all. Organize your things and identify the items that you might need to throw, donate or sell.

  1. Not informing the removalists of potential problems

It’s important to notify your removalist of potential problems they may run into. This includes parking problems, poor access to roads, stairs or elevators.  This may increase the cost of the service.

  1. Forgetting about the kids and pets

Your pet is also part of your family and definitely doesn’t want to be left behind. There are removalist companies that offer pet relocation services to help reduce the stress.


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