5 Simple Tips on Removing Carpet Stains

5 Simple Tips on Removing Carpet Stains

One of the challenges every homeowner has to face is dealing with carpet stains. Carpet stains greatly affect the overall appearance of your beautiful carpet, and it breaks your heart every time you see that dreaded spot.

There are various ways to remove stains from your carpet, but there are also important things you need to know. We’ve put together a list of simple tips to eliminate that pesky stain from your carpet and help it look great for years.

5 Simple Tips on Removing Carpet Stains

  1. Act fast

As soon as a spill happens, clean it up immediately. The longer you leave it on your carpet, the harder it is to remove. When removing food or solid spills, scrape off the excess with a spoon or butter knife. Gently blot the excess liquid with a dry clean cloth or paper towel, and work from the outside towards the affected area to prevent spreading.

  1. Applying a cleaning agent

Since it’s important to act immediately in cleaning spills, you can also check the household products you have available. You may use simple solutions like diluted vinegar, or even baking soda and watch it work wonders on your carpet stains. When using store-bought cleaning products, it’s important to spot test in a small area to determine if the product is safe for your carpet.

  1. Don’t forget your proper cleaning tools and technique

A dry white cloth, clean dish rag or paper towels are your friends in wiping the stain off your carpet. These are absorbent materials that you can use to remove excess liquid from the carpet. By working from the outside in, you will also prevent the spills from spreading.

  1. Vacuum

When the affected area dries, vacuum the spot to remove residue and chemicals for a sparkling clean carpet.

  1. Call a professional

If the spill got worse and you no longer know what to do, seek professional help to save your carpet from more damage. They have experience and knowledge in cleaning carpets and stain removal.

If you need help in removing that annoying stain from your carpet, contact stain removal professionals at Bond Cleaning Australia. We are experts in keeping your carpet stain-free and in great condition.