6 Brilliant Tips For White Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather upholstery has become one of the most popular choices in furniture. Though there is a wide array of colours to choose from, white leather brings a sophisticated look and style to your home. Since many people struggle to keep this kind of upholstery white and clean, we’re giving out a few tips on how to keep your leather looking its best throughout the years.

6 Brilliant Tips For White Leather Upholstery Cleaning

1.  Don’t skip reading the tags or manufacturer’s manual

Always look for the tag and manual on your white leather seats. The tag indicates the cleaning supplies that you should use to avoid damage to your precious investment. However, there are certain general rules to keep in mind when cleaning your leather.

Do not use cleaning supplies that contain oil or wax. Applying this to your leather may attract more dirt, making it difficult to clean. It can also harden your leather and may cause it to crack.

2.  Regularly vacuum

Dead skin cells, pet dander, and other particles can accumulate on your leather. Regular vacuuming will prevent the dust and dirt from building up.

3.  Act fast, clean spills Immediately

Even though it’s leather which is more resistant to stains, you should still immediately clean it when spills and accidents occur. The longer you let the spill sit on your leather, the more it penetrates the material making it hard to remove.

4.  Do not scrub hard

Rubbing your white leather vigorously can cause damage and affect its appearance. Clean your leather gently and blot the spill with a clean, soft cloth.

5.  Use mild soap

Clean your white leather using mild soap. Apply the soap using your clean, soft cloth and gently blot. After you’re done, get another clean, soft cloth to wipe off the soap.

6.  Use leather protector

After thoroughly cleaning your white leather, apply leather protector to keep it from getting dirty. There’s a variety of products available on the market but make sure to check your sofa’s tag if the product is safe for your leather.

Keeping your white leather upholstery clean will make you enjoy its comfort for years to come.  Give your leather upholstery a professional clean every few months. The professionals from Bond Cleaning Australia provide the best upholstery cleaning service to ensure the long-lasting beauty of your white leather.


CC Image Courtesy of Maegan Tintari on Flickr