6 Handy Tips for Moving House With Your Pets

6 Handy Tips for Moving House With Your Pets

Even though you have a long list of the challenges you need to overcome when you are moving, you should never forget about the furry companions living with you. They have their needs, too, and they might even go through a process of adjustment just like you. Remember that your pet dog or cat depends on you for his needs and he will go with you wherever you go.

6 Handy Tips for Moving House With Your Pets

  1. Get his records from your vet

If you’re moving far from your pet’s vet, ask him for the records and documents they have of your pet. The new vet will ask for these when you take your pet for a check-up. They can be printed out, or you can ask them to fax the information to the new vet. But always keep the former vet’s information in case you need to contact him in the future.

  1. Put your new address on your pet’s tags

This is very important because people need to know where to take them in case they get lost while you’re moving. Clearly indicate your contact number and other information in case something happens to your pet. Use your personal mobile number in case something happens even before your new telephone becomes active.

  1. Minimize their exposure to stress

Moving can cause pets to become stressed. It’s best to keep them from experiencing any chaos while the moving takes place. You can put them in a separate room where they won’t see what’s happening while people are walking in and out of your house carrying out large boxes. You can also ask your neighbour to watch over your pet when the things are being carried out.

  1. First aid kit and medicine for your pets

Make sure that the first aid kit for your pet is left outside the boxes. If your pet is on medication, get their medicine box filled so you won’t be missing any of his medicine especially if you’ll be travelling far.

  1. Protect your pet while you are traveling

If your pet will be riding in a car, make sure that they’re protected. You can put them in a crate because if they start to move around the car, it can be dangerous and distracting which might lead to an accident. If your pet will be on a plane, make sure that all of the requirements are met, and their crate secured. Also, ask your vet if your pet is fit enough to travel by air.

  1. Get a referral from your vet

Before moving day, contact your pet’s vet and ask them if they can refer another vet in the area you’ll be going to. Referrals can help you make the right decision.

Your pets still deserve the best care even while moving.  Use these moving tips to make sure you move them safely and peacefully.


CC Image Courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr