6 Terrific Money Saving Tips When Moving

6 Terrific Money Saving Tips When Moving

Moving can be a huge pain even though you’ve been planning your move for a long time. Oftentimes, it costs more than you expect.

It’s important to arm yourself with a little know-how before you plan your move. You can then fulfil your dreams and move into a new house without spending too much. Here are our favourite moving tips to help you save money.

6 Terrific Money Saving Tips When Moving

  1. Start ahead of schedule

It’s better to start early and get things done way before moving day. If you have a crowded home, give yourself six to eight weeks to declutter. Remember, the more possessions you bring to your new house, the more expensive your move becomes.

  1. Sell used items

We tend to hold on to our personal items and find it hard to let go of even when they’ve outlived their usefulness. Unfortunately, if we continue to hold on to things that are not necessary, we might one day wake up swimming in our clutter. If you think those items will be more useful to others, consider selling them online, or perhaps have a garage or yard sale. Just make sure that your used items are still in more or less good condition.

  1. Donate unwanted items

Do a good deed and give away your belongings. You can either give them to your friends who badly need them or even send them to charity.

  1. Use free boxes

Make friends with the workers at your local supermarket or liquor store and ask if you can have their discarded cardboard boxes. This way you don’t have to buy boxes which can help you cut costs.

  1. Rent moving boxes

You can also rent boxes that are less expensive than buying cardboard boxes.  This is the best choice when moving during the rainy season since rental moving boxes from professional moving companies are more durable. You are guaranteed that your things are protected from the rain.

  1. Use what you have at home

Another great way to save money on your move is to avoid buying packing supplies. You can use cloth, old towels or sheets instead of using bubble wrap. You can even utilise old newspaper or magazines instead of packing paper.


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