7 Best Tips To Keep Dog Shedding Under Control

7 Best Tips To Keep Dog Shedding Under Control

Having dogs at home can be frustrating to any homeowner no matter how much they love their dogs. Dog shedding happens on a regular basis for every animal with fur.  It typically happens in warmer months, and you’ll notice pet hair around every inch of your room. It is a natural cycle for hair shafts and follicles, and the extent of the cycle varies by breed. This is why some breeds shed more than the others.

Read on for a few suggestions on how to keep shedding under control and keep your carpet hair-free.

7 Best Tips To Keep Dog Shedding Under Control

  1. Brush your dogs every day

Spend some time brushing your dog outdoors or in the garage.  Make it your quality time with your furry friend. It helps remove dead hair before they fall on your upholstery, furniture and carpet. This can also save you time and effort in cleaning and vacuuming every week.

  1. Feed your pets high-quality food

It is important to give them the nutrients they need to keep their skin and coat healthy.

  1. Get the right brush for your dogs

There are different kinds of brushes, and each has specific functions depending on the type of coat your dog has. There are special grooming tools that help remove dead hair and can make a great difference. Your local pet store can help you determine what type of brush your dog needs.

  1. Bathe your dogs

Bathing your dog regularly will reduce shedding.  It will also let the dead hair fall out into the tub and not on your carpet or upholstery products.  While keeping them clean and smelling fresh is nice, always remember that over-bathing can cause dry skin. Make sure to ask your vet if you are not sure about the bathing schedule. Use the right shampoo to keep their skin from drying, and to help rejuvenate their hair coat.

  1. Regular check ups

Excess shedding tells something about your dog’s health. A regular visit to a veterinarian will help you determine the problem and provide necessary treatment.

  1. Cover your upholstery, furniture and car seats

When it is that shedding time of the year, consider covering your upholstered products and furniture. Pet hair is often difficult to remove from car seats and furniture. It’s better to invest in a car seat cover, or anything that can protect your upholstery from pet hair.

  1. Regular vacuuming

Nothing beats a regular cleaning and vacuuming of your home. This will help keep your carpet hair-free and protect the fibres from damage.

Routine deep cleaning is important if you have dog shedding at home. We provide the best carpet cleaning services you need for a comfortable and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.

CC Image Courtesy of Christopher Woo on Flickr