7 Neat Tricks To Get The Stink Out of Toilets and Bathrooms

7 Neat Tricks To Get The Stink Out of Toilets and Bathrooms

Toilets smell when you’re using them no matter how hard you try to keep them clean.  Most people would not ask for advice on eliminating the smell in their toilets and bathrooms because it might sound like they’re not cleaning them. However, stinky smells can affect the ambience of your home, your business and commercial space. So here’s what you can do to remove the odour from your toilet:

7 Neat Tricks To Get The Stink Out of Toilets and Bathrooms

Tip #1

Open the window and let the fresh air in your bathroom. This will help diffuse the unpleasant smell in the area. Instaling an exhaust fan is also helpful for reducing the odour.

Tip #2

Commercial toilets tend to become smelly causing some people to rather “hold it in” than use them. If you can, keep a wooden match handy and light it up to eliminate the smell in a minute.

Tip #3

There’s a variety of scented candles in the market which you can get for your bathroom. When you light up the scented candle, it will provide a sweet aroma that will help cover up the nasty smell of your bathroom.

Tip #4

Use either of the following natural household products in removing filth and dirt which cause bad odour: white vinegar, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide solution. Baking soda is a great deodorizer too. Just leave a box of it opened in the area and any unpleasant smell will be gone in a few minutes.

Tip #5

Did you know that charcoal is a natural deodorizer too? If you have a bag of charcoal in your house, it can be very helpful in removing that nasty odour from your toilet.

Tip #6

It’s important to clean your bathroom and toilet walls, ceiling and floor frequently. Your bathroom walls can accumulate dirt after using it for days. Scrub the tiles and change your shower curtains for a fresh-smelling toilet.

Tip #7

Deep clean your toilet bowl. Use cleaning agents to remove mineral deposits that accumulated inside your bowl. Pay attention not just to the inside of the bowl but clean the outside as well.

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CC Image Courtesy of Matthew Rutledge on Flickr