7 Ways To Keep You From Going Crazy While Moving

7 Ways to Keep you From Going Crazy While Moving

Everyone knows that moving is very tedious. Even when you’ve unpacked the last box, there will still be things you need to do afterwards before you can settle down completely. From the time you decide to move til the day after the move, there’s a lot of stuff to arrange, people to inform, and information to update. But if you follow our moving tips, you can pull through no matter how hard moving gets. Last minute arrangements won’t make things easier for you, so you should always prepare early.

7 Ways to Keep you From Going Crazy While Moving

Here’s our list of best moving tips to keep you calm until moving day:

  1. The services need to be scheduled early

Start looking for a moving company early so you will also have enough time to choose which moving company to use.  Schedule the date when you will need their service. It’s also a good idea to start looking for utility services in the area where you will move to avoid any inconvenience once you’re in the new place. Don’t forget to call up your bond cleaners, like Bond Cleaning Australia, to give your property a thorough clean before your key handover date.

  1. Update your address

Let the utility companies know where you will head to and inform your insurance and credit card companies about your new address.

  1. Gather boxes

You don’t always have to pay for new boxes to store your stuff when packing. Some stores can give out their boxes for free if you ask for them. You will need a lot of storage boxes because you don’t want to leave anything behind.

  1. Coloured tape for labelling

When you are ready to seal your boxes, a good idea for marking contents is using coloured tapes. They can be used as a colour coding system for the boxes. You can easily tell where to find things that you will need to unpack when setting up a certain room in the new house. This will avoid confusion and it will make unpacking easier.

  1. Let go of the things you won’t need

You can have a garage sale before you move and get rid of the things that you might not find useful. Giving away stuff is also a good way to lessen your baggage so you only take what you need. You will have less clutter which will make moving easier for you.

  1. Have a digital inventory

There are apps you can download to help you with your move. You can save the inventory of your things in the app. There’s a lesser chance that you will have something missing or stolen since you’re keeping track of all your belongings.

  1. Use the internet to check out your new neighbourhood

There are social apps you can use to meet new friends in the new neighbourhood you will be living in. Some apps can help you find cool places you can go to that are close to your new address. You will also find online some information about the new place where you will be living in.

Avoid stress and follow these moving tips to save you from going crazy and keep you calm when moving.


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