9 Indispensable Tips for Your Moving Day

9 Indispensable Tips for Your Moving Day

Everyone knows that moving can create a lot of stress, but all it takes is a little more planning and resourcefulness. Here are our nine indispensable moving out tips on how you can make moving day easier and stress-free for you.

9 Indispensable Tips for Your Moving DayTip #1: De-clutter

It’s important that you get rid of your clutter prior to packing. There are things that we don’t use anymore and even forgot that we have. When it’s time for you to start putting things inside the boxes, you will only take with you the things that you actually need and want to keep.

Tip #2: A box for each child

Ask your child to pack their own box. They can take with them their favourite things and they will have the freedom to choose what they want to keep and throw out.

Tip #3: Ask a company to do the packing

This is something that you can consider. It will make things easier to have them pack your stuff for you. Your things will be insured in case anything breaks. Hiring them won’t cost that much. You don’t have to think too much about packing. And, the boxes and the supplies will come from them.

Tip #4: Have a floorplan and colour code the rooms

Having a floorplan of your new home will make it easier for you to designate rooms. Indicate them by colour which will correspond to a coloured sticker you place on each box.

Tip #5: Have a storage room in the new home

One room can be a storage room for the meantime. You can then unpack the boxes at your own pace. If you need more room to keep your things temporarily, off-site storage can be a good option.

Tip #6: Think about what you cannot take with you

Picture out how your new home will look, and consider if your furniture will go well with the new house. You might need to sell your furniture to buy new ones that are more appropriate for your new place. The space you have at your new place will also dictate which size of furniture you need to have.

Tip #7: A 2-day move is a good option

It would be good if you can already get the keys to your new place the day before your actual move and clean the place up before the boxes and furniture are placed inside. It’s easier to clean while the house is still empty.

Tip #8: It will be safer to change the locks

You don’t know who else has access to your new house so it’s best to request your property manager to change the locks in case of intruders.

Tip #9: Get your utilities ready and inform everyone of your new address

Call up utility companies ahead to make sure that everything is ready when you move in.

You should also inform everyone close to you about your new address so that they will know where to reach you.

With these packing and moving out tips, moving day won’t be as bad as you fear.  You’ll be nicely settled in before you know it.


CC Image Courtesy of Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter on Flickr