A Quick Guide To Water Damage In Your Workplace

A Quick Guide to Water Damage in your Workplace

There are various possibilities why water damage happens in your workplace. Among them are broken pipes, clogged toilet sinks, plumbing and sprinkler issues, heavy rainfall or flooding. It is necessary for every office to take caution in the event of water entering the rooms. Water damage can be an expensive problem not just in your homes but also in your office building. Prevention is key to saving you from potential loss.

A Quick Guide to Water Damage in your Workplace


  • Lift the computers and other equipment off the floor by using platforms. This way water damage clean-up will be easier and faster.
  • Keep paper, boxes or other porous materials off the floor.
  • Always turn off your computer every end of your work day. Electrical equipment may cause more damage when they are not turned off.

What you can do when water damage happens:

  • Being vigilant will keep your office materials safe. Once water incursion occurs, save your work on the computer and turn it off. If you have important document and files, store them in a place out of harm’s way.
  • Keep the doors and windows open to increase air circulation. Low humidity can start mould and bacteria growth and can cause more damage to your office carpet flooring.
  • Do not leave papers, magazines or books on the wet surface. The dye from these materials can transfer to the carpet. Identify non-essential materials and discard them immediately.
  • Ask for your co-worker’s assistance in handling water damage. Teamwork in this situation will get the job done easier.
  • Most importantly, do not handle water damage in your office building alone. You also need to keep your carpet clean for a healthy working environment. Call Bond Cleaning Australia, the experts in water extraction and damage restoration, immediately to avoid serious problems.