After the Move: 5 Tips for Your First Night in Your New Home

After the Move: 5 Tips for Your First Night in Your New Home

Even though moving out was stressful enough, spending your first night in the place where you just moved in can be just as stressful. No matter how tired you are, you still have to think about all the boxes everywhere that haven’t been opened. There are some things you can do so that opening your first and second box won’t be a very daunting task. You should make a checklist for your first night in the house so you can unpack the most important things first.

After the Move:  5 Tips for Your First Night in Your New Home

  1. How you should structure your checklist

Do not forget to list down the bedding, sleeping clothes, towels, soap, liner for the shower, toiletries, clothes for work, medicine, and first aid kit in case of an injury.

  1. Make a checklist for your kids

Since kids won’t be able to make the checklist efficiently, it’s better to guide them in making their own checklist or make one for them.

They would need clothes for sleeping, a nightlight, bedding, toiletries, supplies for babies, and any form of entertainment because they will easily get distracted while adjusting in their new home.

  1. Dinnerware and utensils for eating during the first night

Since you are on your first night, you want very little mess to clean up. It’s ideal to use disposable paper plates and paper towels. Aside from those, start taking out the silverware, cups, breakfast and snack food, bottle opener, coffee maker, food for your pets, and dinner food.

  1. The practical things you need to have

You should, of course, have cash ready to tip the movers and don’t forget the trash bags to keep the place clean while the boxes and things are being carried inside. The tool box should be ready right away and don’t forget the permanent markers, scissors, supplies for cleaning, gloves, and phone chargers. It’s also crucial that you have important documents readily available.

  1. The first things you need to do

Take some time to clean whatever you can before your items are placed inside the house. When the boxes and other things are already inside, it will be hard to clean the dirty areas. The major furniture needs to be placed first so that you can easily determine where you’d want them to go. The next thing you need to do is to clean up the kitchen because that’s where you will prepare your first meal in your new home. Arrange bathroom products and towels so that they can easily be found. Start setting up the master’s bedroom first before other rooms.

Once you’ve gotten the major things in order, you will find it easier to figure out where the other things will go. You’ll eventually be able to fully settle in once you have accomplished things one by one in an organised fashion. Just follow these after moving out tips and you will have lesser worries.