All About Carpet Cleaning And Stain Protection

All About Carpet Cleaning and Stain Protection

A carpet is an attractive décor that adds elegance to your home. To keep an expensive investment in excellent form, a good clean and protection is necessary.

All About Carpet Cleaning and Stain ProtectionCarpets consist of thousands of tiny fibres that can accumulate pounds of dirt, dander, soil particles and other contaminants that can damage your carpet. Spills and stains are unavoidable especially if you have pets and children at home. However, there are stain protection treatments nowadays to keep your carpet safe and long-lasting. This protection treatment is usually included when you purchase your carpet.

Stain protection treatment is a life saver when spills occur on your carpet. The treatment is designed to act as a barrier and keeps spills or any liquids from seeping in under your carpet fibres. It allows the spills to be blotted up and easily removed before they become stains. It also keeps dirt from sticking to the fibres.

No matter how effectively it can protect your carpet, unfortunately, it does wear off over time. The treatment should be re-applied after every carpet cleaning, which is recommended once a year. Remember, that carpet manufacturers void warranties when specified treatments were not applied. A professional can apply solutions and the protection needed for your carpet, as they are specially trained to handle cleaning, protection and restoration of any kind.

However, reapplying your stain protection treatment doesn’t mean you stop paying attention to spills and stains. You will still need to clean spills just as you would on any carpet, treated or not. Always take extra care in blotting up the spill and never scrub the carpet.

Applying stain protector after every professional cleaning preserves the life of your carpet. It also keeps your carpet looking its best. Bond Cleaning Australia has a great team of professionals that can provide you all your carpet care needs to keep your carpet beautiful for many years to come.