All About Carpet Colours

All About Carpet Colours

Aside from the type of fibre, carpets are usually chosen based on their colour and style. Different colours have different pros and cons. Ultimately, you need to decide on a carpet colour that best fits your needs. Here’s what you should know about each carpet colour category:

All About Carpet Colours

Carpets with light colours

A light-coloured carpet brings cheer and brightness to a room. Its drawback is that evidence of high traffic can easily be seen. Ageing is also more easily seen in light-coloured carpets once the carpet has been subjected to spills and dirt from paws and shoes.

Carpets with dark colours

The greatest benefit of a dark-coloured carpet is that you will not easily spot dirt on it. Brown, black and dark grey carpets will be able to hide their wear and tear. Stains and dirt that are caused by a lot of activity on the carpet won’t be visible. It will look new for a long time.

However, since dark-coloured carpets conceal dirt and stains, you need to practise regular carpet cleaning and stain removal. Otherwise, the carpet will eventually smell unpleasant, and even attract pests.

Carpets with patterns

Patterned carpets are not often found in homes. These are usually found in hotels and commercial areas. These carpets are used to draw attention to the designs rather than the dirt on the surface. Patterned carpets in commercial areas usually make use of dark colours. This is to make sure the dirt and marks from foot traffic will not be seen right away.

Even if light-coloured carpets are the more popular choice for homes, it’s better to have dark-coloured carpets in rooms that are used by everyone often and seen by guests. Dark carpets are also a good choice if you don’t have the time to vacuum everyday and meticulously clean up stains. With this kind of carpet, all of the dirt and stains will not be easily seen.

Whatever colour or pattern your carpet has, it’s your duty to keep your carpet clean and well-maintained. Carpet cleaning professionals like Bond Cleaning Australia will know exactly what to do for your type of carpet as well as efficiently deal with carpet stains.


CC Image Courtesy of Andrew Mason on Flickr