Who’s Been Putting Bald Patches In My Carpet?

Who’s Been Putting Bald Patches In My Carpet?

If you own a carpet and you’ve been seeing bald spots, it’s because the fibres have been chewed through. Bald patches make the carpet look ugly, old, and poorly maintained. Carpet moths and carpet beetles are behind this problem. It could happen to anyone; even the cleanest homes can sometimes get bald patches on their carpet. You need to know what causes the bald patches on your carpet so you can prevent it from happening.

Who’s Been Putting Bald Patches In My Carpet?Why do carpet moths and carpet beetles put bald patches in carpets?

They don’t only target carpets. Even clothes, wool and curtains where they can find fibres to digest proteins from can also be their source of food. There are natural key proteins found in fibres and beetles are able to digest them. This means that if your carpet is made of silk or wool, you have a high risk of becoming their victim. Beetles also love moisture and dirt found in the fibres of clothes. For carpet moths, they enjoy the dark areas where they can hide and lay eggs. Once the larvae hatch and become adults, the larvae casings are left on the carpet.

How to get rid of larvae casings on the carpet

If beetles or moths are infesting your carpet, there are professional cleaning companies you can call to take care of this type of problem. They will vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of the beetles and moths living inside. This is a natural way of removing them, but if vacuuming fails, a carpet insecticide can also be applied to kill the beetles or moths. Since you have bald patches on the carpet, you will want this covered.  You need to have spare carpet that can be cut and fitted over the bald spot. Carpet repair technicians can do this for you.

What’s the best prevention?

To prevent them from going to your carpet and laying eggs in between the fibres, vacuum the carpet regularly. Weekly vacuuming will keep them from regarding the carpet as a potential area for infestation where they can lay eggs and multiply. The corners should also be vacuumed thoroughly to make sure that no beetles or moths are living inside. Properly taking care of your carpet is a great way to prevent bald patches on your carpet.

If you want more assurance about the cleanliness of your carpet, you can hire professional carpet cleaners and pest control experts like Bond Cleaning Australia to take care of this for you.