Unexpected Benefits of Carpets for Allergies

Thinking of removing that carpet? Not so fast! Carpets are a very popular option for the flooring of residential and commercial establishments. There are a lot of assumptions about carpets, some of them negative but are they true? After some research, it was proven that the notion that carpets should not be used by people with allergies is not correct. Carpets are a great option for flooring, and they provide more benefits to those who are using it.

Benefits of having a carpetĀ 

An Unexpected Benefit of Carpets for Allergies

Aside from giving your home or office comfort and more style, it also prevents people from falling and slipping making it safe for kids and the elderly. The acoustics of a place is also improved because carpets tend to absorb sound. Carpets are also ideal for people who want to cut back on heating bills and other costs because they give thermal resistance which keeps warmth longer when it gets cold, helping to conserve energy. Carpets are not bad for people with allergies, and the truth is, they even found it more beneficial because they act as filters. This is because they have the ability to attract and trap pollen, dust, and pet dander. The carpet can later be cleaned to get rid of all it has trapped in its fibres.

Proper carpet maintenance

You must vacuum the carpet regularly especially if it gets a lot of traffic and there are pets in the house. If the carpet is located in a high traffic area, it needs to be vacuumed twice a week and once a week if there is only light traffic. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is CRI-certified so that it will remove all of the dirt and soil efficiently without causing any damage to your carpet.

The presence of dirt and grime in the carpet needs to be prevented. It is advisable to place a welcome mat at all entrances so that people will not drag all of the dirt with them when they enter your home. You can also require people to remove their shoes before entering your home.

Professional cleaning

The carpet needs to receive proper carpet cleaning regularly, so you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company because they use hot water extraction. This cleaning method gives the carpet a very thorough and deep clean to remove all of the dirt, soil, and stains. The carpet needs to be well-maintained for it to last a long time.

With proper maintenance and care, carpets can be good for everyone, even allergy sufferers.