Bond Cleaning Checklist

If you’re moving out soon, you are most likely anticipating all of the cleaning that needs to be done.  But ensuring you get your bond back means that your rental property should be cleaned just right, to the standards of property agents.

Here’s an idea of what needs to be done:

Bond Cleaning ChecklistWalls

   Walls and floors scrubbed free of stains

   Walls clean without any dirt or marks

   Nails or screws removed from the walls

  Light switches, power outlets, light bulbs, door knobs and locks should be in good working order.  Anything not working should be replaced.

   Room corners dusted and free of cobwebs

   Ceiling fans clean and dust free

   Windowpanes and windowsills cleaned

   Glass panels clean and clear


   Carpet vacuumed, cleaned and treated for spots and stains

   Areas behind appliances cleaned and swept

   Grout on tile floor cleaned of dirt and mildew

✓   Floors vacuumed and mopped with cleaning solution


   Kitchen:  Countertops, dishwasher, sink and stove cleaned and sanitised

   Kitchen:  Stove and oven de-greased

   Bathroom taps, sinks, toilet bowls, shower handles and door knobs disinfected

   Doors cleaned and wiped

   Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers cleaned and emptied

   Mirrors cleaned and wiped

   Air conditioning vents dusted

✓  Furniture cleaned and wiped down

As you can see, the list can be quite overwhelming, so if end of lease cleaning is something you plan to do yourself, you need to really think it over.  Let Bond Cleaning Australia make your life easier with our meticulous, efficient bond cleaning.  We help you get your bond back with less stress and less fuss.