What You Can Expect From A Bond Cleaner

Bond Cleaner

You’ve decided to move out and after careful deliberation, have decided to hire a bond cleaning company.  You want to be sure to get your bond deposit back.

Whether it’s your first time getting a bond clean service or you regularly get bond cleans every time you move, it’s best to be savvy about what you can expect from professional cleaners.

REIQ Checklist

The REIQ Checklist is a guide from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland on how to get ready for moving house.  Cleaning technicians follow this list.  All areas and tasks mentioned in the list should be addressed properly.  Meticulous methods and attention to detail are vital for thorough cleaning.  Areas covered should include the living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom.

Equipment and Process

Superior quality cleaning companies use the latest equipment and apply proven techniques.  You can get the best results if your cleaning company is established in the business and experienced in bond cleans.  Majority of customers also prefer getting all other cleaning services from just one company.  Most of these companies offer other professional services that complement bond cleans, like carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, and external window cleaning.  Look for a company that uses the most effective method for cleaning carpets, steam cleaning.


The property should be presentable and in almost the same condition it was before you moved in.  You can compare the current condition of the property to photos before your tenancy to see if the cleaning was done satisfactorily.  The technicians will also inspect their work, and it will be to your advantage to take photos in case you need to dispute anything.

Bond Back Guarantee

Reliable cleaning companies have bond back guarantees for their bond cleans.  If the cleaning results do not satisfy you or your property manager, the company will return and take care of the problem areas as part of their commitment to helping customers get their bond back.  The conditions for the guarantee may vary though from company to company, anywhere from 3 to 7 days after the clean.

These are just the basic qualities you can expect from your bond clean provider.  If you happen to have hired cleaning companies that have disappointed you in the past, looking for a company which offers all these services will successfully prevent frustration and ensure the return of your bond.

Image by AJC1 on Flickr