Can I Save My Carpet With Professional Carpet Cleaning Instead Of Replacing It?

Carpets play various roles in your home, from adding colour, style and warmth to providing cushioning for the floor. Carpets are a large investment and to replace them is huge outlay. We are often asked if a professional carpet clean can extend the life of one’s carpets. The answer is a resounding YES!!!

cleaning or replace carpet

What to do?

If you are serious about keeping your carpet, it is imperative that you start looking after it vigilantly and the best thing you can do to start with is call a professional carpet cleaner and schedule an appointment to have your carpets assessed and steam cleaned.

You need to be sure that the company you book has experience in steam cleaning and stain removal so you can ensure you get the best results possible.

Regular care from here in is imperative and crucial to how long you can extend the life of your carpet for. Regular and thorough vacuuming is highly recommended. If you have pets and / or children, you may want to vacuum more often. Be sure to take your shoes off at the front door. Clean socks are a carpet’s best friend and ensure you have your carpets steam cleaned regularly. We would recommend if you have pets and small children, to steam clean every 3-6 months and if there is just a couple of adults in the house, between 6-12 months for optimum results.

Who’re You Going To Call?

Bond Cleaning Australia services Brisbane and its surrounding areas. We offer commercial and residential carpet cleaning in all areas from Upper Coomera through to Ipswich up to Caboolture and everything in between. Bond Cleaning Australia professional carpet cleaning Brisbane represents the industry’s premium when it comes to equipment and solutions. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and we would be glad to assess your carpet, give it a thorough clean and spot treatment and help extend the life of your carpet with carpet protection.

One of our Professional Technician’s would be only too happy to provide you with some advice and tips for extending the life of your carpets so that replacement of them will still be years and years down the track.

Bond Cleaning Australia also specialises in and offer treatments for pet urine and odour removal. When it comes to specialists we have you covered.

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