Can Odour Removers Really Eliminate Bad Smells?

Can Odour Removers Really Eliminate Bad Smells

Having a dog at home improves your mood and temperament. They are adorable companions that you cuddle with even in your bed, sofa and upholstery. You even take him with you during holiday trips. But living with a dog means you may also face some challenges every time pet accidents happen.

Can Odour Removers Really Eliminate Bad Smells

Dog’s pet urine and faeces stains on the carpet can be difficult to remove. Most times, even if you thought you properly cleaned it, an offensive smell still lingers on your carpet affecting your home’s quality of living. To get rid of the smell, you go to pet stores to purchase pet odour removal products. But, how effective are they?

Pet odour removal products remove odours such as urine, poop or vomit.  This product is designed specifically for pet messes. It contains billions of enzymes that discourage the growth of odour-causing bacteria. There are pet odour deodorisers that come in either powder form or spray. Sadly, most pet odour remover products contain harsh chemicals that may damage your carpet and may be harmful to your pets.

When buying odour remover products, choose those all-natural products that are safe for your pets, babies and kids. These products are mostly made of natural ingredients, are non-toxic and environment-friendly.  There are also different homemade solutions out there that can help remove the annoying smell from the carpet.

However, if your dog keeps messing up the same area of your carpet, the odour will be more difficult to remove. The product will no longer be effective no matter how often you apply. It just wastes your effort and money. Frequent pet accidents will damage your carpet’s fibre and destroy it over time.

If homemade solutions and odour removal products still didn’t work, hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Australia.  Our professionals specialise in removing all kinds of odour-causing bacteria. We effectively remove pet odours and stains from your carpet.

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