Why Carpets Shed and What You Can Do About It

Why Carpets Shed and What You Can Do About It

A lot of home owners choose carpets for their homes because they are nice to look at and they give a special kind of vibe to homes. They are made with different colours, designs, patterns, and sizes that can cater to any home. But your positive experience with carpets may be tainted when you find carpet fibres scattered on the floor or stuck on your clothes and other things. Carpet shedding happens to everyone and here’s what you need to know about why carpets tend to shed their fibres.

Why Carpets Shed and What You Can Do About ItHow carpets are made

There are two ways manufacturers make carpets. One way is to make the carpet with only one filament fibre that is continuous and this is the type of carpet that will shed less. The reason for this is the use of only one long fibre.

What you need to look for

When you are out to buy a new carpet, check the label of the carpet. If it says CFN, CF, or BCF then it is a good one and it will not shed a lot of fibre in the long run.

The second method for making carpets is with staple fibres. They are made with a lot of short strands that have been made into yarn threads before they are added to make the carpet. Carpets with staple fibres will shed more even if you vacuum them regularly. Another type of rug that sheds a lot is wool. You can buy a carpet rake from companies to help loosen the fibres of your wool carpet for better maintenance.

No known solution

Carpet shedding is inevitable and there has not been any solution yet to keep staple fibres from shedding. You can vacuum the carpet every day to help maintain it especially if your carpet is new so that the fibres will become loose. Once the fibres have become loose, you can start vacuuming the carpet weekly. This is just for helping your carpet from shedding, but it is not guaranteed that it will stop the shedding completely.

Carpets are beautiful inside the house, but they can also cause a bit of maintenance. You can check the label of the carpet before buying to see if it is a carpet that has been made with one long continuous fibre if you would not want to be vacuuming every day, or like some people, you can choose staple fibres because of how they look.

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