Top 5 Causes of Rippling and Buckling in Carpets

Top 5 Causes of Rippling and Buckling in Carpets

You just had your carpet cleaned and then one day you noticed that some part of the carpet is loose and seems to have wrinkles on it. You are wondering how this happened, and you end up blaming your carpet cleaner. Before accusing the wrong people, here are the things that you need to know about carpet rippling and buckling.

  1. HumidityTop 5 Causes of Rippling and Buckling in Carpets

It is the most common cause of carpet buckling.  During highly humid months, the moisture in the air gets through the carpet and causes it to swell.  There are cases when the carpet buckled due to high humidity but became flat again when the air returned to its normal condition.

  1. Poor Installation

Carpet installation is another factor in the rippling and buckling of your carpet. During carpet installation, the right tools and equipment should be used to lay the carpet properly. The carpet technician may not have used a power stretcher which caused rippling in just a few weeks after installation. If you notice a rippling or buckling on your carpet within a year after your installation, it is best to call your carpet installer to re-stretch the carpets without charge.

  1. Heavy Furniture

Try to recall if you moved heavy furniture across the carpet. Dragging heavy furniture across the surface of the carpet may cause the carpet to stretch. To avoid buckling, lift and carry the furniture as much as you can. If it’s far too heavy, you can ask your family, friends or neighbours to assist you in lifting the furniture, or you might also use sheets of plywood to move it across the surface.

  1. Improper Padding

There are certain pile types that require specific kinds of padding. Consult a professional installer to guide you when buying a carpet and make sure you get the right padding.

  1. Wet Carpets

Moisture can be a carpet’s biggest problem. Too much moisture or over-wetting, as a result of water damage and flooding, can make your carpet susceptible to stretching.

If you noticed your carpet rippling and buckling, it’s best to call a professional to have it stretched as soon as possible. Ripples can become more severe when you leave them too long. To re-stretch your carpet and for any carpet cleaning or stain treatment needs, have our skilled technicians at Bond Cleaning Australia take care of it.


CC Image Courtesy of Waifer X on Flickr