8 Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of Your Apartment

8 Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of Your Apartment

When you’re about to move out of your apartment, you can’t just leave the apartment dirty, messy, and unruly. Even if cleaning is a dreaded task, you need to do that before you move out. The stains and dirt that your apartment has acquired over the years need to be removed. There are tips you can follow so it won’t be such a hard job for you especially if you’re living alone.

Tips to make cleaning easier for you

  1. Remove the scuff marks, staples and nails on your walls8 Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of Your Apartment

The staples and nails that you used to hang posters, paintings, and frames need to be removed. Even if they were very useful, you’ll no longer need them once you leave the apartment. Another thing you need to remove from the walls is the scuff marks. All you need to do is to take a piece of wet cloth and start scrubbing the walls.

  1. The oven and fridge need to be cleaned out

You need to get rid of the gunk, drippings, anything hiding in the fridge. If they are nasty, smelly, and sticky, they especially need to be cleaned out. Scrub everything and put everything back together again. Don’t forget to clean the oven because all of the drippings from the food you baked and cooked need to be cleaned up. Food contains a lot of moisture which attracts a lot of bacteria. The cinders also need to be removed.

  1. Empty and clean the closets and cupboards

Make sure that when you move out from an apartment, you’re not leaving anything behind. Check your closets and cupboards if you’ve left any mess inside and clean it up. Wipe off anything that’s dirty and sticky.

  1. Scrub the sink

If you have a stainless steel or porcelain sink, that’s easier to clean. You only need to use a good cleanser to get rid of all the water spots and residue.

  1. Clean the light fixtures

Wipe the light fixtures and remove any dead bugs that are inside the light. Bugs can get inside the light fixtures, and you need to remove them because they will accumulate.

  1. The bathroom needs to be cleaned

All types of bacteria can live in the bathroom sink and toilet bowl. Use a nice cleanser to scrub off any dirt or stains from the toilet bowl and sink. The mirror also needs to be checked for flecks and wiped clear.

  1. Vacuum the deck and scrub off dirt

Clean the floors and look for spills that are stuck on the tiles even if it means getting down on the floor and scrubbing hard.

  1. Garbage needs to be emptied

Take out all of the garbage you have from inside the apartment. After you’re done cleaning everything, you can take a photo of what you’ve done to the apartment. This is to show the landlord that you left the apartment clean and tidy.

Follow these tips when moving out to make sure that you are not going to miss any spot.  Lastly, hire a reliable cleaning company to conduct your carpet cleaning and bond clean to make sure your place is thoroughly cleaned and you get your bond back.