Cleaning Up the Carpet After A Party

Cleaning Up the Carpet After A Party

House parties come in all shapes and sizes, from your son’s first birthday, to holiday parties or just a simple get-together with your closest friends. Having a good time with your favourite people can freshen up your life. Unfortunately, throwing a party, especially a huge one also means one thing, a great big mess; and this mess afterwards needing lots of clean-up is no fun. Here are our best carpet stain removal tips for after party messes:

Cleaning Up the Carpet After A Party

Party’s over

After hours of celebration, you’ll have to face loads of trash, dishes to wash, or worse – carpet stains. A carpet stain is a nightmare you dread to face after parties. Perhaps, one of your guests spilled wine or pasta sauce, or one of the kids dropped ice cream or a glass of juice.  Maybe some of the guests brought mud into your house and left mud tracks on your cream carpet.  In general, your carpet takes all the worst injuries possible every time you throw a party in your house, whether big or small.

First things first

Most homeowners don’t call professionals immediately after the stain. This is not a problem; by all means, inspect all the spots on your carpet first. You can assess the stain and check if you can remove it with your own knowledge and how-to advice from the internet. But here’s the one tip you should always remember. If there’s a fresh spill, clean it up immediately. Don’t let the spills and stains settle on your carpet. The longer you let it sit on your fibres, the more difficult it becomes to remove.

Bring in the experts

Cleaning carpet stains is a tough job. Sometimes even an average person can’t handle it by themselves. Relying on a professional can save your carpet from potential damage. If you’re in doubt on how to clean up the stains on your carpet, save yourself from more headaches and potentially hundreds of dollars on carpet replacement by calling a professional instead.

Bond Cleaning Australia has teams of professionals that are experts in stain removal: mud, food, chocolate, pets and more. We are the best people to help you treat stubborn stains and make your after party clean up easier.


CC Image Courtesy of Judit Klein on Flickr