Countdown To Your Big Move

Countdown To Your Big Move

When you are planning for your moving day, it’s critical to know what to do and have enough time for doing everything. You should know beforehand what to take with you. You also need to put effort into planning and preparing so that everything will be well-organised. Countdown to the big day with our best moving tips and you’ll have an easier move.

Countdown To Your Big Move

9 to 10 weeks before the moving date

Stay in touch with the agent for your new home even if the moving date is still more than two months away. It’s a good idea to have a planner to list down your moving checklist, schedules, and other things you need to find out. Find out the location of the utility companies, banks, schools, health facilities, doctors, veterinarians, shopping malls, services, and other important places near your new area. You should also make an inventory of your possessions and take photos of each so that you can check if they arrived in good condition at your new place.

7 to 8 weeks before the moving date

Check with the property agent of your new home if the date of your move has been changed. Sort out your things and see which ones you need to keep and which, if they’re no longer valuable to you, you can throw away. Make an estimate of all of your expenses so you know what to spend on and what’s your budget.

4 to 5 weeks before moving date

Ready all of your travel arrangements. Start consuming your stored food little by little so that you don’t need to bring perishable food with you on your moving day. The people who are close to you should be informed about your moving plans. Pick a removalist company that best fits your needs and budget. If you want to do the packing yourself, prepare all the materials that you will need.

2 to 3 weeks before the moving date

Start transferring your utilities or in some cases, have them disconnected and reconnect new services at your new home. You should start planning what you want to take with you on moving day that you will not pack in the moving boxes. Confirm your schedule with the movers and discuss what to expect. Secure your finances by choosing which bank you would go to in the new area.

1 week before the moving date

Talk to your agent about the moving date, confirm again with the removalists and utility companies the day of your move. You can not take any flammable items with you in your moving boxes; it’s best to get rid of them.

Moving day

On moving day, make sure everything and everyone is ready before the movers arrive. Go through the whole house room by room and double check that nothing was forgotten. Give the movers room to manoeuvre and keep out of their way especially when they’re carrying heavy boxes. Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave.

With these moving tips, your move will be smoother and less stressful. If you prepare and follow your timeline and checklist, there won’t be much of a problem. But should there be any minor issues, don’t be too hard on yourself. Look forward to this change in your life and learn from the experience.


CC Image Courtesy of Dan Nevill on Flickr