Do You Vacuum Your Carpet Too Little or Too Much?

Do You Vacuum Your Carpet Too Little or Too Much?

Vacuuming is a chore that some people like, but others despise. Whether you like vacuuming or not, it needs to be done but how often you need to do it will depend on a few factors. You surely need a vacuum cleaner especially when you own a carpet, and you need to do your share of caring for your carpet. So are you vacuuming your carpet too little or too often?

Do You Vacuum Your Carpet Too Little or Too Much?

Infrequent vacuuming

This can happen because when you fail to give your carpet the right amount of vacuuming, it can be seen by how it looks. You can easily tell if a carpet has not been vacuumed or cleaned for weeks or months. Carpets need to be vacuumed because of all the soil and dirt that goes into them. Sand, dust, and dirt enter your home from outside. Dirt and grease that affect the carpet include among others, food, oil from human and animal bodies, and tar. You need to keep them from building up inside your carpet and leading to its wear and tear. Hot water extraction may not easily remove wear and tear, but with regular vacuuming, its effects can be lessened. It is also not advisable to sweep your carpet. It will not help, and it can even contribute to wear and tear.


If you think that vacuuming every day and almost every hour could be too much, well, yes that’s true but no one really does that. Even if you vacuum every day and more than once a week, it will not lead to any problems in the long run. You might be hesitant to do this because you’re thinking that the brushes of the vacuum spinning over the carpet will wear it out. This is true, but it only has a very minimal effect. Getting rid of the soils is way more important than having to worry about the spinning brushes.

When should you vacuum?

This is a question that doesn’t really have a definite answer because it’s a case by case basis. Some rooms that are used more frequently will need more vacuuming while other rooms don’t have a lot of foot traffic and may need less vacuuming. Our best advice is to vacuum carpets at least once a week and the places where the carpets get a lot of traffic need to be vacuumed every day. You might find this too much especially if you have a busy schedule, but neglecting your carpet will lead to more problems in the future. You might even have to replace them before you planned to.

You should also remember that although regular vacuuming needs to be done, it’s not the only thing your carpet needs. You will still need to get a carpet cleaning service eventually. For any carpet cleaning, stain removal and carpet repair needs, call Bond Cleaning Australia. Our technicians are the best at caring for carpets and will give you excellent results.


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