For Tenants:  Be Aware of Your Rights and Responsibilities


As in any relationship, clear communication and setting of expectations will lead to more satisfaction and less conflict for everyone.  As a tenant, you need to know what you have a right to and at the same time, you have to do your part and fulfill your obligations.

Here’s a quick guide to your privileges and duties during your tenancy:


  • The tenant has a right to move in right away on the day stated in the agreement. The property manager should therefore make sure that the property is empty of the previous tenant’s possessions and is ready for occupancy.
  • The tenant has a right to enjoy peace and quiet in his new home.
  • The property manager should not interfere with the comfort and privacy of the tenant.
  • The tenant has a right to have pets on the property if this is approved in the agreement.


  • TenantsThe tenant needs to pay the full amount of the rent on or before the due date.
  • The tenant will use the property mainly only as a place of residence and not for any illegal activities.
  • The tenant should not do or allow anything that will disturb the peace, comfort and privacy of his/ her neighbours. This includes making sure that any guests the tenant will have (and whom he/she is responsible for) will not bother the neighbours.
  • The number of occupants in the residence should be as per the agreement.
  • The tenant is required to keep the house and property clean, safe and free of health hazards.
  • The tenant should avoid any damage to the property and should not let other people cause damage.
  • The tenant will inform the property manager of any repairs or maintenance to be done on the property. Changes to the property or any fixtures are not allowed unless approved beforehand by the property manager and property owner.
  • Generally, repairs are taken care of by property managers except in cases where the damage was caused by the tenant or because of the tenant’s neglect.

Note:  The tenant’s specific roles and tasks are outlined in the tenancy agreement and the laws of the state.

Additionally, you should also expect the property manager to regularly inspect the property every three months to check for needed maintenance work and any hazards.

Remember your rights, accomplish your responsibilities and you can live in comfort and peace with your neighbours and your property manager.