4 Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home You NEED to Know

Four Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home

Having a pet around the house is entertaining because they are very cute and can keep you company, but owning pets also has its disadvantages. These disadvantages can cause harm to your health especially if you like to keep them inside the house most of the time. There are a number of reasons why their odour, which sticks to your carpet and furniture, can cause harm to your health.

Four Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home4 Reasons why pet odour needs to be removed right away:

1. They can bring allergens

Pet dander comes from the dead skin flakes and fur shed by animals, and for some people this does not cause any problems. However, there are also people who are allergic and sensitive to pet dander. It might not be a very big concern, but it can cause some breathing problems. Pet dander can also give off an odour after some time.

2. Dirt

Dogs and cats like to play outside and they do not care if they bring mud or other forms of dirt inside your house. In the long run, your house will not smell good if you just ignore this every time it happens. The bacteria that can come with the dirt pets are bringing in can sometimes be harmful to your health.

3. Trash

Almost all pets have the natural instinct to bring something inside the house and it is usually trash. You have no idea where this piece of trash could have come from, but there is a high possibility that they contain some harmful substances that can be a threat to your health in the future.

4. Urine

Animals will pee on your furniture and carpet if you do not try to stop them right away especially if they are still very young and have not been trained to do their business outside. This is one of their natural instincts which is why you need to watch out for pet urine on a daily basis because if their odour gets stuck on the carpet, it can cause fumes that are toxic to the health.

Pets are great companions, but it is inevitable that they will sometimes become smelly and spread their scent inside your house. You can call us up to have your carpet cleaned; we can also remove pet stains and odour. It is important that you do not let the odour linger inside your house too long to avoid other major concerns especially when it comes to your health.