Getting Your Bond Back:  10 Items You Shouldn’t Fail To Clean

Bond Back

When you’re about to move, it’s urgent that your bond is returned as soon as possible.  To get your bond back, you have to leave the property in its original condition at the start of your tenancy.  The house and exterior need to be completely cleaned and the damages repaired or replaced.

Ensure that the following areas are not missed or neglected because property managers will be closely examining them:

  1. Toilet and Bathroom

Making your bathroom look clean and smell fresh is not just to beautify your toilet and bath but to keep it sanitised and disinfected, for hygiene purposes.  The tiles should be sparkling clean and the grout removed of discolouration.  The cleaning should be done up to the corners, with the shower door cleared of mould.  Mirrors and glass doors need to be shiny and streak-free.

  1. White Goods

If the property was furnished with appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine and oven, check that they are running properly with no missing parts.  The interior should be washed and/ or scrubbed, the exterior wiped clean.

  1. Carpet

Most tenants do vacuum their carpet but for a carpet to pass industry standards, it needs to be deep cleaned at least once a year and more often than that, if you have children or pets.  In some cases, the carpet already smells or is stained.  This needs professional attention as it’s something that can get worse with the wrong treatment.

  1. Walls

Bond BackThe walls must be wiped clean of dust before washing.  Washing them while they’re still covered in dirt will leave muddy streaks on your wall.  Spots and stains should also be removed, usually by washing and scrubbing.  Again, clean right up to the corners.

  1. Windows (Internal and External)

Take care when cleaning windows because there’s a right way to clean them.  Clean them incorrectly, and you get streaked or smudged windows or ledges.  Any drapes, blinds or curtains should also be dusted or washed.  And don’t forget those external windows.  Since they’re subjected to all sorts of weather, it’s not a surprise that they get quite dirty and need cleaning.

  1. Skirting Boards

Dust tends to accumulate on skirting boards but since we don’t really look at them, they’re easy to miss.  The property manager won’t fail to notice if they’re dirty though, so make it part of your list to wipe them clean.

  1. Cupboards

Shed some light inside those cupboards and give them a thorough sweep.  Remove anything inside and wipe clean the walls and sides.  Check that the doors, handles and hinges are working.

  1. Sinks

Your sink is actually one of the most bacteria-infested areas in the house.  Don’t just wash them, disinfect to eradicate invisible germs and viruses.  Treat discolourations and scrub the sink until it’s shiny and clean.

  1. Laundry Area

Aside from the washing machine, the entire laundry area should be cleaned as well.  The floor will need to be vacuumed or swept and mopped afterwards.  Empty and clean all shelves and cupboards.  Areas under, around and behind the washing machine will also need your attention.

  1. Yard and Garage

Remove your personal belongings from the garage and yard, and dispose of the rubbish.  Tidy up the outside of the house to make it look neat and new.  The paths in the yard must also be clear.

Take note of these areas, include them in your bond clean checklist and double check that they’ve been cleaned properly.  Once the property manager sees during your inspection that you’ve dealt with everything in detail, he or she will be more than pleased and the return of your bond deposit is assured.