How Dog Lovers Can Spring Clean

How Dog Lovers Can Spring Clean

Many of us welcome the spring season with a fresh start by giving our homes a serious cleaning. Let’s not forget about our dogs when tidying up for spring. Having a dog at home will create extra work on your spring-cleaning to-do list but it won’t be that hard if you follow these cleaning guides to get your home in good shape for the season.

How Dog Lovers Can Spring Clean

Keep your pup clean and smelling fresh with a quick bath.

Dogs love to play outside in this beautiful sunny weather, making them dirty. Their fur and paws catch dirt that can make your home filthy and worse, leave dirty prints all over your carpet, upholstery or even your walls. Keep your dog’s feet as clean as possible, so he doesn’t bring mud in your house.

Always take precautions when bathing your dog, over-bathing can cause irritations like dry skin.  Dogs that are frequently outdoors may need more baths than those dogs who stay indoors.

Make your walls spotless clean

Believe it or not, dogs can leave markings on your walls. Dogs often sleep in corners and the dirt and grime coming from your pet’s fur and paws will make your painted walls dirty over time.  You can damp wipe the walls or use cleaning products.

Choosing the right product and tools in cleaning carpeted areas and upholstery

Upholstered furniture used daily need to be cleaned especially if you have a dog at home.  Always keep your dogs in mind when purchasing a cleaning product for your carpets and upholstery.  Upholstery is made of different fabrics that may require different cleaning methods. Like carpets, they are made of different fibres that require a proper way of cleaning.

When buying a cleaning product, do a bit of research. Look into how it will react to the type of fabric of your upholstery or your carpet.  Also, check if the cleaning agent is non-toxic or poses a danger to your dogs.

Once you’ve purchased the product, test it on a small patch of the fabric before applying it to avoid damage.

Dealing with Dog Hair

When you have dogs at home, it’s natural to get their fur into the carpet. Regular vacuuming is a must, but there are other nifty tricks to help you clean your carpet of dog hair, such as using a squeegee and rubber gloves. When you run them across the surface, their rubber material helps pull the fur off of the carpet. This will make it easier to vacuum and clean the fibres.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

Professional cleaning each spring will protect your carpet from any potential damage. Carpet cleaning companies have the right equipment and effective products to ensure you and your dog live happier and healthier.

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CC Image Courtesy of Kate Ter Haar on Flickr