How To Clean and Maintain Your Oriental Rug

How To Clean and Maintain Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are an expensive decorative piece for your home.  To preserve their exquisite beauty, it’s essential to keep them clean. Not only will they last longer, but a clean rug also means a healthy living environment. Knowing the proper care and rug cleaning methods will help you keep your rugs in tip-top shape. Here are a few things you need to know to keep them looking great for years to come.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Oriental Rug

Regular Vacuuming

Just like any carpet, your rugs collect dirt, debris, pet hair and allergens that may contribute to health issues for you and your family. Regular vacuuming reduces the risk and preserves your rug’s excellent condition.

Clean Spills Immediately

When accidents and spills occur, treat the affected area immediately to prevent spills seeping into your rug’s fibres. To prevent damage, avoid using cleaning agents with harsh chemicals.

Keep the rug away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can result in fading, and that’s difficult, mostly impossible, to treat. Make sure to place your rug where it is safe from direct sunlight. Close your blinds or window to avoid letting the light in to your rug.

Dealing with Pet Accidents

For most dog owners, pet accidents are very common especially if you have a new pup. It’s frustrating to have your expensive rug smelly and dirty. Of course, housetraining your puppy can do the trick but keeping your rug away until they are old enough can ensure that your rug is protected from accidents.

Check for Moths

Regularly inspect your rug for moths to avoid infestation especially if it is stored in dark spaces, less used rooms and under units. When moths infest your rug, their larvae will chew up its fibres and damage your rug completely.

Do not Place a Potted Plant on your Rug

Your rug sustains real damage when you place a potted plant on it. The moisture from the plant will stick to your rug’s fibres, and your rug will soon rot. If you want to save it from expensive damage and repair, never place a potted plant on it.

Wash Your Rugs

Washing your rugs can be time-consuming and tedious work but it serves as the best protection you can give them. The hand cleaning method is the most effective and safest for protecting your rug from damage. Using water and careful washing preserves your rug’s beauty.

Professional Cleaning

When in doubt, it is best to hire a professional cleaning company to clean the rug for you. Their skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience in dealing with different types of rug cleaning. They also have the right equipment and products to ensure your rug is in good hands.

Your Oriental rugs will be durable and will last longer if cleaned properly. We, at Bond Cleaning Australia, can offer you the best carpet and rug cleaning methods that will ensure that your rugs will last a lifetime.